Dr. Bonnie Hall Awarded Grant

February 22, 2022

Dr. Bonnie Hall, Director of Faculty Advising. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, Chemistry & Physics, was awarded a Standard Grant from the The National Science Foundation. This award is a collaborative proposal between nine campuses around the United States, all of whom are part of the BASIL Consortium. More information on BASIL can be found here

Dr. Hall has been a part of the consortium for two years, and is a principle investigator on this new award. It is a 5-year award from the National Science Foundation and totals almost $2 million across the nine campuses. 

Bonnie says, "I’m pleased to continue my work with the BASIL consortium. Having seen how engaged and excited my students are when using the BASIL curriculum to research proteins of unknown function, I’m eager to see it expand to other campuses and to diversify the student populations engaged in authentic research as undergraduates. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to give back to the teaching and learning community of biochemists, having benefited so much from the work of others as I developed my own teaching."