Dr. Josh Woods Participates in International Psychology and Law Symposium

May 12, 2020

Dr. Joshua A. Woods, Associate Professor of Psychology at Grand View, recently participated in the International Psychology and Law Symposium. The Psychology and Law Symposium is an international coterie of the world's leading scientists in criminology and psychology. This year it was hosted by Dr. Henry Otgaar from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. 

Presentation topics included Investigative Interviewing, Symptom Validity Experts in the Courtroom and Eyewitnesses in the Courtroom. Dr. Woods was invited to participate in the eyewitness session because of his research in false memory which is conducted in the PSYC Research Lab on campus. Eyewitness memory is the number one cause of misidentification for innocent people convicted of a crime they did not commit and who have been subsequently exonerated using DNA evidence. Every semester Grand View University students participate in these memory experiments and are helping to enhance the scientific understanding of false memory and eyewitness memory errors.