Dr. Ryan Anderson Book Signing

January 20, 2018

Dr. Ryan Anderson, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Grand View,  will hold a book signing in the GV Bookstore on February 6 from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. Get Hired: The 21st Century Job Search is now available on amazon.

Summary: Finding a job in the 21st century is a challenging endeavor. Many people assume that being disillusioned is just a normal part of being employed. Being disengaged from your work does not have to be the norm. It is absolutely possible to find the job of your dreams. You can wake up every morning excited to head to work This book lays the groundwork for finding a rewarding career path. It will explore a variety of issues related to today’s job search, including fresh tips on career search and resume tools, networking, interview skills, job-related technology, and social media. Dr. Anderson will provide valuable insight and guidance on contemporary best practices for the 21st-century job search. Get Hired: 21st Century Job Search shows you how to network, connect with potential employees, nail an interview, and land the job.