Grand View Senior Emiley Crittenden Travels to Paris, France for Summer Internship

August 22, 2017

Grand View University senior Emiley Crittenden did an internship with Concur Technologies in Bellevue, Washington over the summer, which allowed her to travel to Paris for a week of work and experience!

Emiley worked at Concur Technologies as a project manager. Concur is a travel and expense management app, an SAP owned company, and a giant in the tech industry. They had 20,000 applications for a limited amount of intern positions. She quickly worked her way up and was the only one selected to go to France to help expand their Paris office.

"I used things I learned in class here at Grand View taught by professor Mr Winzenburg to create communication solutions for Concur and also learned a lot of new lingo, technology, and systems," Emiley said. "My summer with Concur was completely out of my comfort zone, it challenged me but it also helped me grow as a student and person; it was truly an experience of a lifetime and I'm so thankful I was chosen to be part of such a wonderful internship program."