Esports Spring 2023 Update

April 21, 2023

GV Esports is having a fantastic year of competition. Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends all qualified for playoffs this season.

In the NECC Emergents Heartland division, Overwatch started the season off with a rocky beginning but found their footing and made some major strides. The team saw personal bests with multiple peak ranks on the team this season, starting from silver and gold, making it all the way to Diamond, Masters, and Grandmaster. Their hard work paid off as they clutched their spot in the playoffs at the number 7 seed. Unfortunately, the team lost to the number 2 seed Morningside.

The Rocket League team in the NECC Navigators Great Lakes division will face off against Augustana this Friday, April 21 as the number 1 seed in the division. The team has had a lot of changes over the course of the year but they’ve maintained a strong resolve with new recruit Cole “H3xbr0” Peterson’s debut.

This Saturday, April 22 the League of Legends team will compete against Illinois State University in round 32 of the CLoL Nationals playoffs. Last year they were able to make university history and place in the top 16. 

Head Coach Nathan Ragsdell says, "New recruits Mark “Nightstar” Gonzalez, Matt “Castle” Castleberry, and Michael “Ginqal” Nguyen have been progressively developing their team cohesion and individual skill all season. We are excited to see them showcase their hard work this weekend at 7 pm CST."


All in all, it has been a phenomenal year for GV Esports and we are endlessly proud of the talented players we have competing and working here at Grand View University..