eSports Summer Camps

April 27, 2017

Grand View University is excited to announce opportunities to attend eSports camps this summer. There are options for adults, youth, and elite, with commuter and overnight choices.

Adult Gaming Camp (Age 21+): Remember the glory days of having friends over for a weekend LAN party where you would stay up all night gaming, sleep in all morning, and then get back at it the next day? Well if so, then this is the place for you! Catered to adults, this weekend camp will have structured tournaments, contests, or you can just spend your time playing whatever you want. Bring your own team and challenge the Grand View University eSports team, or just bring yourself and meet some fellow gamers for a great weekend.

Youth eSports/Gaming Camp | Week Long, Three Day, Two Day, or Single Day Camp: Are you a gamer who thinks there is more to games than just playing them? Here you will learn skills from the Grand View University eSports coaches and athletes that will help you take your game to the next level. Additionally, you will be introduced to the core concepts of game design, including creating add-ons for some of your favorite games! You will also get to play in structured tournaments, contests, spend time learning new games or to play whatever you want just for fun.

Elite eSports/Gaming Camp: Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of an eSports team? Well this is the camp for you! Certainly not for the faint of heart, you will learn what it is like to be a part of a team that lives and breathes competitive gaming. In this camp, you will learn skills from the coaches and players in the Grand View University eSports team that are required to decimate the competition in ranked matches. Additionally, you will be introduced to the core and advanced concepts of game design, including creating add-ons for some of your favorite games! You will also get to play in structured tournaments, contests, learn about nutrition and fitness, and connect with some of the best gamers in the Midwest. If your goal is to become a college eSports gamer this elite camp is the one you!

Click HERE for dates and registration.

About the Coaches:

Cole McFarland, Head Coach
Cole McFarland grew up in Azle Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. He spent a year and a half at Texas Christian University before graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Grand View University in 2016.

While completing his degree, Cole started his own website creation and consulting firm named Modiegi LLC, which is currently operating as a home IoT consultation business while still maintaining its roots in web development. In his senior year, Cole began working full time for Homesteaders Life Company as an Application Developer operating in an agile development environment. In March of 2017, Cole moved to the Research and Development team as an R&D Developer focusing primarily on innovating technologies within Homesteaders as well as developing innovative customer facing products.

Cole’s first ‘hack’ was rigging an Ethernet cable inside of a light switch, to gain the upper hand via network lag in Halo 2, known to some as, the ‘mythical lag switches.’ Cole is an avid gamer and, actually video games are what drove his passion for development and programming. Cole has gone from competitive FPS player to professional Software developer. Cole now brings agile and scrum development methodologies, he has learned in his professional career, to the forefront of his eSports coaching philosophy.

His goal as the Head Coach of eSports at Grand View University is to create a competitive team environment and develop the ability of student athletes in gaming and authentically connect the players learning and growth to the classroom experience.

Overwatch and Halo 5 are just a couple of the games Cole competes in on a regular basis.  Some of Cole’s hobbies include - piano, guitar, golf and home automation.

Travis Nelsen, Assistant Coach

Travis Nelsen is a Senior Research Developer at Homesteaders Life Company, he has been with Homesteaders for eight years performing various roles, but all deeply rooted in a development background. He was awarded the Innovation award for Homesteaders in 2017, given to the most creative developer in the prior year. Travis is most well known as being the first Pre Need Insurance developer to have an app that maintained a steady Mature +17 rating on the Apple iPhone Store. Also, his mobile application ‘myPolicy App’ was nominated for the National Funeral Directors Association Innovation award.

From an early age, Travis has been a gamer. Growing up in the NES and SNES era, he quickly developed a lifetime passion for games. This led him down the path of becoming an application developer once he found out that it was possible to make your own games on a graphing calculator. From there, Travis got in to the competitive gaming scene, starting with Counter-Strike back when it was still a Half-Life mod. Then, it all changed when DotA was released for Warcraft 3, and the MOBA genre was launched in to the limelight.

Travis main interest as an eSports coach is twofold; to develop the whole person and not just the gamer and to bring awareness to the public audience that gaming is now a legitimate recognized sport where gamers can take pride in their accomplishments alongside other athletic endeavors. He is looking forward to bringing the title of NACE Champions to Grand View University!