Exciting News - A Win Win for GV!

February 3, 2017

You’ve been asking for these tools for a long time…so we’re excited to announce that Grand View is partnering with the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) to launch brand new advising software this fall.  SSIT and the Advising Taskforce agree that this is a vital resource and will create a technology environment that facilitates a strong, coordinated support network for students.  This cutting-edge advising software is a BIG Win Win for everyone at GV!

The first Win is for students as SSC will:
• Help them make better informed decisions
• Empower proactive engagement with their own academic planning and progress
• Lead to timely graduation and successful post-graduate outcomes

The second Win is for faculty and staff as SSC will:
• Allow easy scheduling and communication
• Provide infrastructure for referrals and closing the loop
• Increase confidence with evidence-driven advising conversations

And a bonus Win for decision makers as SSC will:
• Provide powerful analytics to support strategy and decision making

Watch for more information in the coming days about attending a demonstration where you can see with your own eyes how this powerful tool will benefit you and your students.  Pam Christoffers will be leading the day-to-day implementation of the software; please contact her with any questions.