Grand View Announces Dr. Lynn Burks as Executive Director, Jacobson Institute

December 13, 2021

Grand View is proud to announce the hire of Dr. Lynn Burks as Executive Director, Jacobson Institute. This position is funded by the Jacobson endowment. The Jacobson Institute was established with a gift from the late Dick Jacobson in 2008. The purpose of the Institute is to enable Grand View to be a resource to the Central Iowa region with a general intent to improve the educational system. Mindful of the community’s attention to “The Future World of Work,” Grand View intends to refocus the Jacobson Institute to help address the educational and job training needs resulting from the deployment of smart technologies in the workplace. Grand View aspires to be at the leading edge of necessary change, and the Jacobson institute can be Des Moines’ design workbench. 

Dr. Burks is excited to lead this change, "Data points to the success of local economies, workplaces, and education institutions will depend on their abilities to adapt and thrive in the 'age of automation.' How we learn and work will change for nearly everyone as we continue to experience advances in technology. While this disruption was already unfolding, COVID accelerated not only automation but created additional disturbances and opportunities that will impact workplaces and education institutions forever. With a renewed mission, the Jacobson Institute intends to be the “go to” resource for area partners to thrive in the future world of work and education."

Carl Moses, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs, says, "With our Future of Work initiatives, our vision is that Grand View’s Jacobson Institute will be a vital asset to Central Iowa. Small and medium sized businesses across our region need a champion to guide them as they assess the changing needs for skills in their workplaces and help their workforce learn and develop those skills. With Dr. Burks’ leadership, expertise, and energy, the Jacobson Institute will be that champion. While workforce development is the Jacobson Institute’s initial priority, we expect what we learn serving those stakeholders will inform the way we prepare Grand View graduates with the skills they need for the Future of Work."

Burks continues, "I am humbled and honored to leverage my prior experience with the opportunity to partner with local and reginal leaders on these issues. The Jacobson Institute will serve as a catalyst, bridging gaps amongst education and industry as we all navigate through this enormous opportunity to define, collectively what the future of learning and work will be. The spirit of this work is in direct alignment with the philosophy of Richard Jacobson. I look forward to championing the collective vision of the vast body of work that has already been accomplished in this space, particularly the well thought out strategy of the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Most exciting is the opportunity to, in partnership, build and execute the mission of the institute, ensuring sustainable economic vitality."