Grand View Announces Master of Science in School Counseling Program

February 27, 2023

Grand View University is pleased to announce the addition of a Master of Science in School Counseling degree program. This is the seventh master’s degree at Grand View, designed for students in all walks of life. 

As the need for school-based mental health services increases, school counselors are crucial to supporting the mental health and well-being of students. Grand View is now able to prepare graduates to meet this need in our schools.

School counseling jobs are expected to grow faster than average, projected to be around 10-15% nationwide, with 36,700 jobs projected to open between 2020-2030. In Iowa, the projected job openings will be around 400, which is a projected growth of 11% between 2018-2028. Grand View University would join only two other online school counseling programs in the state, making it easier for students to pursue a graduate degree in counseling. Iowa schools need more counselors to respond to the growing developmental and academic needs of their students. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) recommends that schools have one counselor for every 250 students. Unfortunately, Iowa schools only have one counselor for every 391 students.

This program delivers a high-quality education that meets the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners requirements by enhancing knowledge of counseling and counseling concepts. It develops practitioners who will become lifelong learners by providing a curriculum that educates about the research process, proper use of assessment, and the importance of continuous objective re-evaluation.

Treye Rosenberger, Department Chair of Counselor Education Programs, says “Grand View University is excited to announce the opening of our Master of Science Degree in School Counseling. School Counselors advise and assist students and provide educational and vocational guidance services. Quality education in school counseling is essential. We are proud to have built a program to help accomplish this goal for our graduate students and the K-12 students they will soon serve within the educational system.”

In addition to the new master's program, Grand View has also added a graduate-level Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement that will help teachers grow their skills in this in-demand area and support the needs of students. Course work in the program is available at the graduate level and applies toward Grand View’s 33 credit Master of Education.