Grand View Hosts National Psychology Conference

February 24, 2022

Grand View University recently hosted the Coast-to-Coast Psychology Conference. Speakers and organizers included:

  • Dr. David G. Myers (Hope College) 
  • Dr. Viji Sathy (University of North Carolina)
  • Dr. Camilla Griffiths (Stanford University)
  • Dr. Carmen Culotta (University of Cincinnati)
  • Dr. Joe Kim (McMaster University)
  • Dr. Julie Lazzara (Paradise Community College)
  • Dr. Garth Neufeld (Cascadia College)
  • Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard (Duke University)
  • Dr. Josh Woods (Grand View University)
  • Dr. Janet Peters (Washington State University)

Dr. David Meyers, who is recognized as the most renowned textbook author in psychology, gave the 1st keynote address. Dr. Viji Sathy, a rising national star in addressing inclusivity on college campuses issues, gave the second keynote address. Grand View's Dr. Josh Woods is a co-chair for the conference and gave the introductions for all the teaching demonstrators. This virtual conference was developed by combining teams from TIP Northwest and Psychology One to bring introductory psychology teachers together from coast-to-coast and make conference attendance more accessible for all.