Grand View Student Producing Independent Short Film on Discipline in Schools

March 10, 2017

Sam Duffy, a current Grand View student, took a life-changing class from Business Administration adjunct professor Eric Burmeister two semesters ago. It was a Core II "Homelessness in Des Moines" class that included a field experience.

"I just want to say thank you for opening my eyes to this world that I didn't have much knowledge about," Sam wrote in an email to the professor. "For starters, I have been working at CFUM for almost a year now thanks to you making me do the field experience. I love working there. Second, I have been an advocate to further my knowledge about poverty topics by watching documentaries and short films on YouTube. Third, I am currently working on an independent short film about Discipline in Schools: How Discipline Effects Students."

Burmeister adds, "It's great to see how valuable these Immersion Experiences can be." Congratulations Sam!