Grand View Students Attend Alpha Chi National Conference

April 14, 2016

nullTwo Grand View students, Brittany Bowman, senior majoring in Biology, and Iyyad Rayyan, senior majoring in Accounting, Business Administration and MIS, were selected to present their research projects at Alpha Chi national research conference in Alexandria, VA. Top academically performing students from around the country had a unique opportunity to network with peers, present their research, and to listen to the research presentations of other undergraduate and graduate students during the three day conference.

• Brittany Bowman’s research project: “Are Hypothetical Proteins Lost in Translation? A Closer Look at Listeria monocytogenes”. Research advisor: Dr. Michael LaGier, Assistant Professor of Biology
• Iyyad Rayyan research project: “Student Debt Phenomenon, its impact on the Society and Economy”. Research advisor: Dmitry A Yarushkin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and advisor to the GV’s chapter of Alpha Chi

A special thank you goes to the business students from the Project Management class, who organized successful fundraisers, as well as to the Viking Council, Business and Biology departments and Office of the Provost (Faculty-Student engagement mini-grant) for helping make it possible for two of our students to attend this national conference.

Additional information about the conference is available here:

Quotes from students:

"I would highly recommend Alpha Chi students to participate in the National Research Convention in the future. It was a great opportunity to meet successful people in my field and to get a taste of what the environment will be like in graduate school or the workforce. Whether you are seeking to gain experience in presenting research, obtaining publication (Alpha Chi has their own peer reviewed journal), or looking to network, the conference is both a fun and engaging way to highlight your skills!" - Brittany Bowman

“The Alpha Chi conference in Alexandria, VA was one of a kind; I was able to participate in many stimulating presentations about topics that varied from social issues to complicated cellular-level researches. The students whom I was able to meet there were highly intelligent, passionate about their field of studies and share a compassion to make our communities better.

The most interesting for me personally was seeing many students, who have no connection to Islam or the Middle East, had presentations about the misrepresentation of my religion in the media, this type of effort helps build bridges of understanding and harmony between different people.

My research "Is Student Debt the Millennials' Mortgage?" was listed under the political science and economics category. Although I did not win the first place in the category, I found the experience extremely fulfilling and eye opening about things I never thought about before; the keynote speaker, Sonia Nazario, exemplified an unmatchable dedication and effort to increase the spot light on immigration. I have seen many speeches in my life, hers was one of the very few when the speaker has lived every second of the cause they're behind.

During the conference I also got to network with highly intelligent students from across the US and the world; my hotel roommate was form Brazil, I even met another Palestinian there from Bethlehem!

Then there was the talent show, which created a stress-free environment within the busy schedule of the attendees, I personally decided to do a quick stand-up comedy segment, yet my talent did not come close to the students with Piano playing, song singing and writing skills, I enjoyed every second of this.  

Overall, the experience was beyond what I expected and it saddens me that I will be graduating soon and might not be able to participate in this enriching experience again. I highly recommend current GV students to participate next year, and I promise them that it will be worth your while”.- Iyyad Rayyan