Grand View Students Attend National Student Nurses Association Annual Convention

April 12, 2018

Nine Grand View Nursing students attended the National Student Nurses Association Annual convention in Nashville, TN last week. At the convention, the students went to focus sessions about specific topics on nursing. Vice-President Ashley Sibenaller presented at the "Breakthrough to Nursing" focus session about the projects she has conducted at Grand View.

Grand View students also brought two resolutions to the convention about change they want to see in the health care field. They were both passed! Ashley also then received 2 awards during the closing ceremony for her outstanding work. One award was for a video she made. Five students took part in the "Forever Nursing 5K for a cause." 

Alexx Scheidecker, President of the Grand View Nursing Student Association, reflects, "the convention was a wonderful learning opportunity to allow us to become better nurses, collaborate with nursing students from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, strengthen out leadership abilities, make connections with future employers and advocate for our future patients."