Grand View Summer Leadership Institute

March 27, 2017

Grand View University is excited to host a Summer Leadership Institute for high school students entering their junior or senior year this fall. It will be held June 12-13 on campus. Applications are currently be accepted from Grand View students to be mentors. GV student Mentors are key players who will contribute to participants overall experience of a community of learning, and they will be a assigned to a specific small group of 6-8 students to mentor by encouraging their participation, asking and responding to questions, building relationships, and supporting their enthusiasm for the institute.

The Grand View Summer Leadership Institute engages high school juniors and seniors to discover their potential to become leaders, equip them to lead effectively in a diverse world, and empower them to make a positive difference in their schools and communities. Staffed by Grand View faculty, staff, and students the Institute seeks to serve a broad variety of students interested in leadership through providing large and small group experiential learning opportunities focused on strengthening leadership capabilities and building relationships among students of diverse schools and background.

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