Grand View Supports DACA

November 23, 2016

Yesterday, Grand View President Kent Henning added his name and Grand View University to the list of college and university presidents who have endorsed a statement urging our nation’s leaders to support DACA students on our campuses nationwide. To date, more than 200 college/university presidents have signed the statement and the list is growing.

The full statement along with the list of supporting institutions can be found at this link:

President Henning, "I believe this statement resonates with sentiments expressed by our local business and community leaders. Employers in our region need talent. They are intentional in hiring well educated employees who are culturally competent and, in many cases, bi-lingual. The Greater Des Moines Partnership launched its Global DSM initiative in August with a press conference on Grand View’s campus; the first stated objective of that initiative is to: 'provide the Greater Des Moines business community access to world-class talent by making Central Iowa a premier destination for foreign-born talent and entrepreneurs.'"

We at Grand View know, through our experience, that our foreign-born students (including those who fit the criteria of the DACA provisions) are terrific scholars and positive leaders in our campus community. As our nation’s leaders evaluate options for addressing immigration issues, we maintain our support of all our students. We will continue to provide them with an excellent education and a supportive campus environment.