Grand View Theatre Students Take Production to Local Elementary Schools

March 1, 2023

The Grand View University Theatre Department took their production, "Treasure Island," to local elementary schools this week.
Based on the Robert Lewis Stevenson story, TREASURE ISLAND: A Participation Play for Children is filled with adventure and engagement for young audiences. The production is crafted particularly to reach audiences in grades K-3, but the show is fun for the whole family! The students were able to be involved in creating a wild storm, a tiger and insect infested jungle, rowing the longboats, and more. Some children were invited onstage to become part of the crew (or a pirate!) during the performance. Check out one of their performances here.
Kristin Larson, Professor of Speech & Theatre Arts, says, "The community outreach that Theater Arts does with touring performances is definitely the most important thing we do all year. We’ve been performing for young audiences for over 16 years now, and I am very proud of the hard work and heart that our students put into sharing these performances with the kids.” 
Schools visited include Oak Park, Phillips, Holy Trinity, Capitol View, Garton, Cattell, Madison and King. In addition, five performances were offered for free to the community. By the time they are done touring, they will have reached over 1500 young children with live, interactive theatre!