Honors Overhaul

July 23, 2019

Started in 1991 through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, every fall the Logos program invites 30 first-time, first-year students to participate in a unique educational experience. With each change in core general education requirements, Logos shifted with the times. But the basic element of reading powerful books and discussing them deeply in a small seminar-style atmosphere has endured.

With the latest revisions, we have created more flexibility in the structure – both for participants and in content. Now named GV Honors, the program still maintains three seminar-style content classes, but has added opportunities for strong undergraduate research as well as active participation and leadership in campus and community events.

Each fall, students will have the opportunity to enroll in a one-credit “Logos after Hours” class – they will experience film, literature, art, theater and other Des Moines cultural opportunities while exploring larger issues of meaning and purpose. Later in the program, they will also experience Honors Activity credits, reflecting on what they are doing in the world and across campus that mirrors the objectives of the Honors program. Finally, they will work to translate their major capstone projects into work that can be shared with audiences outside their expert group – presenting their research and findings to a variety of audiences for an Honors Thesis experience.

Revisions have also been made with transfer and currently-enrolled students in mind. If they meet the requirements, students may step in to the program at any time, adding the value of Honors education to their program of study. We take applications online and on a rolling basis on campus.

Overall, we hope to combine the traditions and strength of the initial Logos program with the flexibility and diversity of a modern Liberal Arts education. We know we will continue to produce the excellent and dedicated alumni who have sustained Honors at Grand View for so many years.