Increased Enrollment and Record Graduate and Residential Numbers

September 13, 2019

Grand View University announces its fourth-largest freshmen class, welcoming 332 new students this fall. There is also an increase in total full-time students to 1597 and a record number of graduate students, with 134 enrolled. Additionally, Grand View is an increasingly residential campus with its largest number of students, 853, living on campus.

“We believe these numbers demonstrate the value that students and families find at Grand View - outstanding student experiences at an affordable price,” Kent Henning, president, said. “And surveys assure us that families appreciate the predictability and transparency of GV Complete, our unique whole-degree approach to financing a degree.”

For students in the GV Complete program, tuition, room and board rates are guaranteed to increase no more than 2.5% per year. These fixed prices combined with an academic plan that ensures degree completion in four years, make the cost of a total degree predictable. Students are also assigned to specially trained advisors called completion coaches, who help families assemble a financial plan that covers all four years.

“We designed this program the way college financing should work for all students,” Henning added. “When making major purchases, families understand upfront investment plus monthly payments for the amount financed through loans. We help families see their costs in those terms calculated for the cost of their total degree, not just a single year of attendance.”

Grand View stores students’ four-year financial plans in a proprietary database. Drawing on that data, the University can show families how its current students are actually paying for their degrees. Grand View can demonstrate that for 99% of its students, their “out of pocket” costs while in college are lower than the average cost of placing a child in daycare. And for 86% of students, their costs are less than the average car payment in Iowa. The University also tracks the projected monthly student loan payments students will incur after graduation.

“We applaud Central College’s recent attempts to make college pricing more transparent by reducing their price, scholarships and reducing their discounting,” Henning said. “Compared to that, we put transparency on steroids. And they did nothing to provide the multi-year predictability we do with our whole-degree approach to pricing.” 

Debbie Barger, Vice President for Enrollment Management, discusses reasons for the increase, “Grand View has a focused effort on student success and academic coaching that is personalized and leads to better student outcomes. It’s a level of personal attention they won’t find elsewhere. We have also added women’s wrestling and a business analytics degree, which have positively impacted enrollment.”