Kendall Antle Attends Intercollegiate Diversity Congress

November 10, 2017

Kendall Antle, Grand View Student Body President, represented Grand View University at the inaugural USC Shoah Foundation – Intercollegiate Diversity Congress, October 13–15. Alongside twenty fellow student body presidents and student leaders nationwide, students were able to collaborate and discuss topics directly related to diversity and inclusion on their respective campuses.  Kendall reflects on his experience, "I enjoyed reconnecting with many of these individuals and building relationships with those of whom I was introduced to during the weekend. It was an exceptional honor to have been selected to attend, and it is always an honor to represent Grand View University!"

The USC Shoah Foundation designed an impact profile exclusive to Kendall and his experiences. In it, he reflects on his experiences and what he plans to bring back and put into action on our campus. Thank you for representing Grand View, Kendall!