Grand View Student Kylie Roslien's Study Abroad Experience

August 29, 2017

Grand View Nursing student Kylie Roslien spent six weeks in the Yucatan peninsula in Merida as part of a study abroad trip through Central College's program. Kylie took four weeks of intense language classes; Spanish language with a focus in healthcare and a class about the healthcare system in Mexico. The group took field trips to different hospitals, clinics, and schools and were able to travel around Mexico and see other parts of the country and how differently they do things. The last two weeks of the program were spent at an internship where they gained hands-on experience at the places that intrigued them most.

"Mexico was an incredible experience," said Kylie. "I was able to observe surgeries, deliveries, watch wound care, and hang out with some really cool kids. All of our weekends were free and we were able to travel and experience the social life side of Mexico, and travel to a lot of cool pyramids and cenotes. We ate great food every day, were 15 minutes from the beach, learned how to salsa dance and the entrie staff was incredible. I highly recommend this trip to anyone!"

Valerie Grimsley, Resident Director at Central College en Yucatán, said "I loved having Kylie here in the summer health program. She is smart, personable, unafraid and confident. Her seemingly natural leadership made a huge difference in the program!"