Lutheran Quarterly Joins JHU Press Collection; Mark Mattes Associate Editor

February 16, 2016

The Johns Hopkins University Press has added Lutheran Quarterly to its diverse collection of academic journals for the 2016 volume. "The addition of Lutheran Quarterly continues our growth in the Journals Division," said Journals Publisher Bill Breichner. "We are happy to partner with this outstanding journal to continue its mission."

Volume 30 of Lutheran Quarterly will introduce the quarterly journal to JHUP in 2016. Edited by Paul Rorem at Princeton Theological Seminary, the journal serves the Evangelical Lutheran Church everywhere as a forum for discussion of Christian faith and life on the basis of the Lutheran confession. "We are enthusiastic about entering into this new era for the journal with the JHU Press," said Rorem. "The experience and professionalism of the JHUP staff can help the journal expand its reach as we celebrate our 30th volume in 2016 and the 500th anniversary of Luther's 95 Theses in 2017."

The journal continues the tradition of Lutheran Quarterly, 1949-1977, a successor to Evangelical Review since 1849, Lutheran Quarterly Review, 1882, and the Augustana Quarterly, 1922.

Lutheran Quarterly aims to provide a forum for the discussion of Christian faith and life on the basis of the Lutheran Confession, for the application of the principles of the Lutheran Church to the changing problems of religion and society, for the fostering of world Lutheranism, and for the promotion of understanding between Lutherans and other Christians.

Founded in 1878, The Johns Hopkins University Press is recognized as one of the world’s finest and most accomplished scholarly publishers. In addition to its extensive journal collection, the Press publishes around 200 new books each year in the arts and humanities, technology and medicine, higher education, history, political science, and library science.

Mark Mattes, Grand View Professor, is Associate Editor of Lutheran Quarterly.