Mahala Island by Dr. A'ndrea J. Wilson

June 16, 2020

Dr. A'ndrea Wilson, Assistant Professor & Braida Endowed Chair of Creative Writing at Grand View, was scheduled to have her two-act play presented by Striptease in March. The play examines racism and environmental justice through the lens of three diverse couples surviving a Category 4 Hurricane.

Due to COVID-19, the production was cancelled. Dr. Wilson did a virtual reading and interview with the theatre company who produced the reading.

“I’m thrilled that Iowa Stage Theatre Company chose to move forward with the production of the reading of Mahala Island despite the limitations of COVID-19. Although the audience connection and energy is somewhat decreased by watching virtually rather than being in a theatrical space, we get the benefit of sharing this developing drama with those outside of the Des Moines community, such as our students who have returned to their hometowns,” says Dr. Wilson.


Three diverse couples vacation on Mahala Island when a severe hurricane hits. Tensions are high when hidden secrets are propelled to the surface and their rescue is slow to come. Can they survive both a deadly hurricane and the damage that remains after the truth has rushed in?