Grand View Receives $1.25 Million from Lutheran Bible Institute

August 29, 2017

Grand View announces the acceptance of a $1.25 million dollar gift from the Lutheran Bible Institute in California (LBIC). The funds will be used to create an endowed faculty position. The Rev. Dr. Mark Mattes, professor of Theology and Philosophy, who is a world-renowned Lutheran theologian and graduate of LBI Seattle, will be appointed the Lutheran Bible Institute Chair at Grand View. In addition, a scholarship will be established for Theology students.

The LBIC felt that Grand View was uniquely qualified to receive the funds because of their commitment to teaching the “Word of God, which was LBIC’s mission.” In addition, the board recognized Grand View’s commitment to training young people through its NEXUS Youth Institute, a free high school institute where students learn deep truths about God, theology, and the Bible. Grand View will also offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to those interested as well as free online training to World Mission Prayer League missionaries.

“This opportunity comes at a most propitious time for Grand View; we are ideally situated to carry on the important work LBIC has done over the past decades,” said Grand View University President Kent Henning. “We have a vision that complements theirs, an institutional commitment to strengthening and preserving our Lutheran identity and mission, the scholars and leaders who have a track record of success, and programs and partnerships in place that will dovetail well with LBIC’s gift.”

LBIC, located in Westminster, CA was founded in 1951 to provide education for the study of the Bible according to the Lutheran confessions and to provide training to lay members for service in Lutheran congregations and institutions. Earlier this summer, the LBIC board voted to dissolve the institute and gift its remaining assets to Grand View. The LBIC board sent requests for proposals to Lutheran educational institutions nationwide, including Christian universities, seminaries, and a Bible school. After review of the proposals, they selected Grand View and stated, “We are excited that Grand View University will now carry on the Christ-centered, Word-reverencing legacy of LBIC…The board and membership of LBIC have passed the baton to a worthy institution, believing that Grand View University will faithfully continue the Bible teaching that made LBIC a blessing to so many for almost 70 years.”