New Hire Dr. Treye Rosenberger, Clinical MH Counseling Field Coordinator

February 3, 2021

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling department is proud to welcome Dr. Treye Rosenberger. As a licensed mental health counselor for the state of Iowa, Treye is also a national certified counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. Treye's academia experience includes teaching and supervision at the university level. His professional career outside academia includes clinical work at a private practice, where he provided psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. Specifically, Treye specialized in working with the LGBTQ population and individuals involved with the United States Probation Office. Treye's research interests include looking at the experiences of LGBTQ identified professional counselors within the profession and scale validation.

Treye says, “I love how Grand View looks to create leaders out of the students they instruct. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of connections and providing their students with unique opportunities that may not be afforded to students who choose a different institution.