Dr. Paul Brooke Book Signing

October 5, 2018

Dr. Paul Brooke will be signing his new book from Finishing Line Press, Arm Wrestling at the Iowa State Fair, a collection of poems featuring 382 unusual words that are falling out of favor in the English language. He wrote the book to save these words and to invigorate his own poetry.  This signing will be held on Wednesday, November 7 from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in the Grand View University Bookstore.  Light refreshments will be served.

“This book is everything! The whole world is in it, an ecumene, and Brooke, the poet-cartographer maps it out through language and the relationships between words, words which at first sight befuddle the reader, but just trust his instincts and follow his meticulously plotted path and you will find discoveries of what lies behind the words and what deep sorrow and joy they represent of our foolish and sacred lives. The world of this book is populated with misfits, drunken sailors, a fatherless chef, the bully of the gym, lion tamers, contortionists, vagabonds, derelicts, wrestlers at the State Fair, the kind of flailing, lost soul who “covers his tattoos with tattoos” and yet Brooke embodies the vision of a blind prophet. The world is dense with language, we may have once felt barred from comprehending, words that confront us with our own lack of knowledge, curiosity, and imagination. What is limacine, perculsion, gaberlunzie? Who is a nesiotes or a warrow? Don’t turn away.

Brooke will guide you through this atlas with all the joy of the explorer and illuminate what was there all along in the shadows, and you will see everything you’ve overlooked and the beauty you’ve been missing all along.”

–Heather Derr-Smith, author of Tongue Screw