PLAY BUFFET: An Evening of Student Directed Short Plays

April 13, 2021

Wednesday, April 14th or Thursday, April 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Viking Theatre

House opens at 6:30. Seating will be socially distant, and audience limited to 40.  Show up early for a seat! More information can be found HERE.


Arabian Nights, written by David Ives, directed by Indigo Womble 

Flora: Emma Hansen 

Norman: Kim Valdez 

Interpreter: Abbi Sawhill 

Two Soldiers, written by Olivia Palmer, directed by Raylie Tedder 

Arthur: Indigo Womble 

Ernst: Jake Clouse 

Hard Boiled, written by Deborah Lynn Frockt, directed by Spencer Sharpe 

Kramer: Kaitlyn Carney 

Jackson: David Matthews 

Mickey: Jake Clouse 

Finding Balance, by Olivia Palmer, directed by Emma Banner 

Parker: Joseff Reed 

Dr. Brown: Elizabeth Moore 

Apathy: Spencer Sharpe 

Empathy: Maren Grant 

Robbery, by Indigo Womble, directed by Zander Leman 

Susan: Rebekah Miller 

Sean: Kim Valdez 

Tim: CJ Baker 

Dan: Joseff Reed