President Keck Meets with Ambassador Lassen at Royal Danish Embassy

February 6, 2023

Grand View University President, Dr. Rachelle Keck, met the Ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C. while in town for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, of which Grand View University is a member and she serves on the National Tax Policy Committee. Grand View Board member Kurt Rasmussen’s wife, Lynette Rasmussen, serves as Honorary Consul to the Kingdom of Denmark through their Ministry of Foreign Affairs and connected the two leaders.

“As the sole remaining Danish-founded university in America, Grand View’s identity is seasoned by our proud Danish beginnings," said President Keck. "I was thrilled to sit down with Ambassador Christina Markus Lassen and provide a university update, including our forthcoming GlobalFluency™️ certificate program through Grand View’s The Jacobson Institute. I shared our plans to visit Denmark this summer, and look forward to connecting with key business, government and education leaders. I also shared we have a current student from Denmark and hope to expand international scholar opportunities as we emerge from the pandemic. We are excited to strengthen our ties to Denmark and further elevate Grand View University globally.”