Professor's Cat, Named Chicken, Selected for Publication

August 22, 2019

Associate Professor of Art & Design Cyndi Wiley has won a spot in the magazine Creative Quarterly Issue #55 due out in October. Her image “Cat Scan” was chosen. She produced the image an as example of an experimental scanning technique for the Arts 104 Principles of Design II course this spring. In the project named Punky Swizz Shizzle, students are tasked with creating their own experimental scans as an exploration of unconventional photographic processes related to the visual culture of Post-Modernism.

Wiley says, “Students in our classes know my affection (ok… maybe obsession) with cats. I tend to use them as examples quite a bit. While I was working on scanning some other items for class examples, Chicken walked across the scanner and this image happened. There is quite a bit of serendipity that happens in art and design and Chicken helped me to create this one.”

Wiley wanted to point out that Chicken was not harmed in this process and did not stare directly at the light from the scanner.   

“Cat Scan” was selected in the Professional Photography section with 10 others from around the world. Creative Quarterly is an international journal focusing on promoting the best work in graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art. Their competitions are open to all artists, designers and photographers at all levels—professionals, students, amateurs—in all countries.