PSYC Lab Presents at National Conference in San Francisco

May 31, 2018

Psychology students Chase Kovatch, Brittany Carlson, Jacob Redman and Ben Bourland presented two research projects at the Association of Psychological Science's national conference in San Francisco this past weekend. The first project, Building a Wall: How self-selected media increases bias and prejudice, examined how only consuming information that supports your pre-existing viewpoint increases both implicit biases as well as discriminatory behavior.

The second project, The Turban Myth, aimed to understand why Sikhs who regularly wear turbans are mistaken for Muslims who do not typically wear turbans in the US. This project worked with the Iowa Sikh Association to develop a methodology that would inform members of the community about the Sikh religion through an "evening of enlightenment." Our findings revealed one evening with Sikhs completely eliminated discriminatory behavior as well as subconscious biases.

Any questions about these projects can be directed to Dr. Josh Woods (