Recognizing the 2020 Honors Convocation Speaker

May 28, 2020

Congratulations to Lauren Bailey, a 2020 graduate who was chosen to speak at the Honors Convocation traditionally held before commencement. Even though we were unable to hold graduation festivities, we want to congratulate and recognize Lauren.

Here is an insert from Lauren's narrative:

"Personally, I found my purpose through the many communities that I was a part of at Grand View. From clubs, activities, and leadership positions, I interacted with a variety of people and learned as much from my relationships with them as I did from my classes in my major. Knowing how to engage others in an appropriate and meaningful way is a skill that our small campus allows us the opportunity to achieve.

A liberal arts education in and of itself encompasses the ability to understand the world in a variety of ways. You interact with people who have very differing views from your own, as well as take courses in your education to earn a well-rounded array of knowledge. Grand View University showed me that people with varying views can all come together in class or in a community and get along. You can have friendly debates without feelings being hurt or relationships being destroyed. You can also choose who you want to interact with. The liberal arts education truly outlines what it is like to live in our world today through both the need to have a vast understanding of different subject areas and the need to understand how to engage with people of varying beliefs."