Results of HLC's March review

June 17, 2019

The Higher Learning Commission’s Institutional Actions Council (IAC) approved the visit team’s final report for Grand View in early June.  We are pleased to report that the team recommended no change to Grand View’s accreditation status, meaning that GV is fully accredited through 2024-25.  The team of knowledgeable and experienced peer reviewers provide strong affirmation of our quality. They also provide useful feedback to us as we work on challenges we’ve already identified.

Report highlights

Following are some areas the team highlighted as strengths.

  • Commitment to the mission; linkages to the curriculum and planning/decision-making, and to our growing commitment to serve the community through Views Forward. The team could clearly see GV’s commitment to quality, diversity, and service.
  • While still developing, there have been significant advancements in communication and process implemented as a result of the extensive shared governance work.
  • Faculty availability to help students with research, advising and mentoring.  The team commented it was clear that students hold faculty members in high regard.  Administrators, staff, and faculty made it evident that student support and engagement is one of GV’s greatest strengths.
  • The new advising model addresses all the challenges identified earlier and is responsive to individual student needs. 
  • GV has an exceptional program for program review and assessment reporting.

The team is recommending one follow-up criterion-related monitoring activity.

  • A monitoring report on finance and enrollment (to assess the impact of SRA and related changes in enrollment, retention, and net-tuition revenue) due December 15, 2021.

The team’s final report is now posted at the top of the Accreditation myView page: