Selha Trains Department of Corrections Psychologists on Transgender Awareness

May 14, 2019

Myke Selha, Assistant Professor of Social Work, recently led a 6-hour workshop focused on the unique needs of incarcerated individuals who are transgender.

This training was specifically for psychologists who work in the Department of Correction facilities across the state. Topics covered included: diagnosis, treatment, civil rights, required policies, and housing issues. Selha stated, “This is an important issue and the Iowa Department of Corrections needs to be commended on some of the progressive proactive moves they are making to ensure best practices with gender-variant individuals.”

There is a disproportionate incarceration rate for transgender adults. In a given year, approximately 2% of transgender adults are incarcerated. This is more than twice the rate for the general population. The rate becomes even higher amongst transgender people of color.