Steve Snyder to Lead Pre-Conference Workshop at 2017 Teaching Professor Conference

May 24, 2017

Steve Snyder, Professor of Humanities at Grand View, will lead a pre-conference workshop titled "Any Questions? A Practical Approach for Increasing Students’ In-Class Questions" at the 2017 Teaching Professor Conference on June 2.

Description of workshop: Much has been written about creating natural critical learning environments, places where students feel free to pose stimulating questions and pursue interesting answers. But beyond asking whether they have any questions, how much do we put students’ questions at the heart of our everyday pedagogy? Asking questions, like academic writing or information literacy, is an acquired skill. It’s what Aristotle called techne: something we can only learn by doing. In this interactive session, we will explore an approach for helping students pose stronger knowledge generating questions during class. You will leave with several practical exercises that put student-created questions front and center.

More information about the conference.