Student Accounts - Bookstore charges now available

November 11, 2016

For your convenience and to ensure students have course materials at the beginning of classes, you may now elect to have the cost of textbooks and other educational items purchased through the Grand View Bookstore charged to your University account.
This option will be open only for specific days at the start and middle of Spring Semester and only for those materials that are needed for class.
Program specifics include:
1) Dates Available:  Dec 27-Jan 13 at Noon for SP2017 and S32017; Feb 27-Mar 10 at Noon for the S42017.
2) Materials available to charge include: textbooks (print, digital, rental), art materials, nursing uniforms and supplies, calculators and required computer items, and general school supplies
3) This option will be available both in the GV Bookstore and on the Bookstore’s website
4) If eligible for Financial Aid, books and supplies charged to the student’s account will be applied against funds in excess of tuition and fees, reducing any financial aid refund. Any charges not covered by financial aid funds will be the responsibility of the student according to Grand View’s account terms.
5) This program replaces the Book Voucher process.

If you are currently on a payment plan and decide to charge your books to your student account, please note that these additional charges will result in an increase to your monthly payment amount. Please contact the Business Office for more information and the impact it will have on your plan.