Students Attend National Student Nurses Annual Convention

April 11, 2019

The Grand View Nurses Student Association (GVNSA) was in Salt Lake City last week and over the weekend for the National Student Nurses Annual Convention, and they had a very successful convention.  

Lisa Schroeder, Kelsie Walsh, Paige Staton, Maddie Brewer, Katelyn Kime, Alli Brown, and Stephani Salazar had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Paige helped present the resolution for the Iowa Association of Nursing Students (IANS), which was written by GV, titled "Increasing Awareness of the Long-term Effects of Sexual Assault on Patients."

Kelsie, Lisa, Maddie, and Katelyn presented the GV resolution titled "Raising Awareness and Advocacy for Paid Maternity Leave for Mother's After Birth."  Both resolutions passed, GVNSA won the newsletter award, and IANS won the Breakthrough to Nursing award. 

The students did a great job representing GV, and their hard work was rewarded!