Students Present at Psychology Research Conference

April 18, 2019

Grand View students Helen Carey, Jade Dillner, Megan Fandrich, Ashley Schultes, Revay Stewart, Kendall Walker, and Sarah Wilson presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA) conference this past weekend in Chicago. Dr. Josh Woods and Dr. Jill Sudak-Alison also presented research at this conference.

These students presented findings from four research projects. Their Thursday presentation showed people are so susceptible to false memories that they will make up details to corroborate an event that never happened. The Friday presentation was in regards to the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and its connection to people who regularly experience chills when listening to music. There were two presentations on Saturday. The first was shed light on how emotion and the vividness of memory influence feelings of Nostalgia. The second project showed how judgments of racism decreased based on political affiliations and instructions that discouraged political correctness.

Nice work!