The Excellence in Service Award 2017

May 2, 2017

Kelly Daniel, manager of graphic design, was honored with The Excellence in Service Award. The award recognizes an outstanding staff member at Grand View University. Specifically, the award seeks to honor a staff member who:
1) Goes above and beyond their regular duties to positively impact all members of the Grand View community,
2) Performs in his/her position at an exemplary level, and
3) Shows passion, commitment, and enthusiasm for Grand View’s mission to engage, equip, and empower students and contributes to the vitality of the institution outside of required job duties.  Examples include serving on standing or ad-hoc committees, volunteering at university-wide events such as commencement or Global Vision Week, participating in events such as the Summer Institute, and attending athletic and cultural events.
All full- or part-time staff members are eligible to be nominated.  President’s Council and faculty members are not eligible.

Here are a few things her colleagues said about her:
· This person works early, late, at home and on the weekends to meet deadlines.
· This person takes time to figure out what staff and faculty want, sometimes when they aren't certain themselves.
· Everyone who brings something to this individual is made to feel their project is vital and important to Grand View.
· This person’s passion and enthusiasm for Grand View is not just reflected in her work, but her sense of community. Grand View people are her people.

Congratulations Kelly. Well deserved!!!