The Excellence in Service Award 2021

April 26, 2021

Congratulations to Erica Kluver, Human Resources Manager, for being honored with The Excellence in Service Award. The award recognizes an outstanding staff member at Grand View University. Specifically, the award seeks to honor a staff member who:

1) Goes above and beyond their regular duties to positively impact all members of the Grand View community,
2) Performs in his/her position at an exemplary level, and
3) Shows passion, commitment, and enthusiasm for Grand View’s mission to engage, equip, and empower students and contributes to the vitality of the institution outside of required job duties.  Examples include serving on standing or ad-hoc committees, volunteering at university-wide events such as commencement or Global Vision Week, participating in events such as the Summer Institute, and attending athletic and cultural events.

Here are a few things her colleagues said about her:

During the past year, I believe Erica has gone beyond her regular job duties by learning, communicating, and managing all of the extra duties and situations that have arisen from the pandemic. She has been dependable, sympathetic, confidential, and professional when dealing with individuals who have been exposed, infected, or who have family scheduling issues due to school, etc.

While the above are part of being an HR manager, I can’t imagine the extra work that was presented to anyone in that position. While the rest of us were trying to find ways to deal with our “regular” jobs, anyone in HR was doing that and adding COVID-19 and the ever-changing issues that have arisen from it.

While 2020 was a year numerous people needed to go above and beyond, Erica has made it possible for everyone at Grand View to do their work in a safe environment. Whether it was helping secure PPE, distancing different spaces around campus, helping employees decide if the need to quarantine or get testing – probably numerous other things most of us aren’t aware of, she has handled it with kindness and empathy. While this pandemic response is probably part of Erica’s duties, she has certainly gone above and beyond this year. Even with so much on her plate, every email I have sent to Erica has received a quick reply. We would not have been able to do our jobs without Erica in the background making sure GV employees were prepared to do so safely. And Erica continues to be supportive of her colleagues – volunteering for events, attending sessions like Summer Institute, and is always willing to answer a quick question or sit down and talk in depth.

Erica has been a steady guide during her tenure at Grand View in Human Resources. However, like many on campus, she has stepped up to the challenge over the last year in dealing with employees and their concerns and needs throughout the pandemic. She has certainly gone above and beyond her normal duties.

I have heard relayed from co-workers that she provided good resources and maintained excellent communication regarding quarantine, needs for testing and other items related to COVID. This has helped keep faculty and staff on track during this time and also helpful to students to continue to receive Grand View services over the past year.

She is very responsive when questions or concerns arise and, over the years, has provided good guidance on a variety of situations from staff concerns to benefits information.

Erica maintains a positive attitude in her work and in dealing with all different types of situations across campus and personality types. She takes confidentiality in her role very seriously as well as making decisions based on the best situation for the university as a whole.

Congratulations Erica. Well deserved!!!