Dr. Thomas Lecaque Published

April 18, 2018

Dr. Thomas Lecaque of the GV History Department recently published a chapter, "Reading Raymond: The Bible of Le Puy, the Cathedral Library and the Literary Background of theLiber of Raymond of Aguilers," in the book The Uses of the Bible in Crusader Sources, edited by E. Lapina and N. M. Leiden, Brill Publishing.

Dr. Stephen Spencer of Queen Mary University of London reviewed the book and offered, "Thomas Lecaque provides a much-needed reassessment of Raymond of Aguilers' background and Liber, arguing that Raymond's knowledge of the Bible and apocalyptic texts held in the cathedral library of Le Puy conditioned his vision of the crusade." Spencer agreed with Lecaque's thesis that Raymond's regional and cultural background played a role in his understanding of the First Crusade and its belief in divine guidance to liberate Jerusalem in order to allow Christians to do pilgrimage and follow Christ's last steps (imitatio Christi). For those of us who are not medieval historians, Liber means a chronicle or other historical text.

Congratulations, Dr. Lecaque!