Wilson Hired as New League of Legends Head Coach

May 11, 2021

Grand View University is proud to bring on a new League of Legends coach, David Wilson, known to most as Coach Draher. Coach Draher touts a prolific background of five years coaching League of Legends at both the amateur and collegiate level. Most notably, Coach Draher worked with teams Emissary and Team Fish Taco and served as Purdue University’s Head Coach.

In 2021, Coach Draher’s leadership brought Purdue’s League team to a first ever CLoL National Playoffs. With Draher’s careful support, Purdue’s path to Nationals was a natural progression: from the 2018 Big Ten playoffs to a 2019 Big Ten semifinals run, followed by a 2020 Northern Conference Playoffs run (cut short by the pandemic), to, finally, this year’s 2021 CLoL National Playoffs.

Nathan Ragsdell, Director of Esports at Grand View University, says, “You only need a few minutes to understand Coach Draher’s passion for what he does and that his work ethic, experience, and philosophy on developing greatness are without a doubt going to lead the team to further greatness.”

Coach Draher emphasizes the importance of communication as a major focal point to their coaching style, "I believe that good communication and being able to hold each other accountable is the key to success in any esports team, I like to focus heavily on making sure that all the players are in an atmosphere where they feel like they are able to speak their mind and problem solve as a team"

Grand View University’s Varsity League of Legends team finished their conference play undefeated and energized to take this year’s CLoL nationals by storm. Nathan Ragsdell and the players feel strongly that bringing on Coach David “Draher” Wilson will compound on the success of the team and push players further towards continual excellence.

Welcome, Coach!