Mr. Dayne Logan

Title: Prof of Practice of Comm, Level II
Dept.: Communication
Office: Student Center 148

Dayne is a teacher, writer, editor, run-on-sentence slayer, and alliteration advocate. You can learn more about him below.

Academic History

  • B.A. Mass Communication (Print Journalism) from Kansas State University
  • M.A. in Journalism (Magazine Editing and New Media) from University of Missouri

Start Date at Grand View

  • August 2014

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital journalism
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Design

Research / Accomplishments

  • Advisor to Viewfinder Media
  • 2017 Iowa College Media Association News Media Outlet of the Year
  • Ongoing freelance work for three publications: Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, Allstate NOW, Kybele E-News
  • Faculty Student Engagement Mini-Grant, 2015 ($200)
  • Faculty Student Engagement Mini-Grant, 2016 ($200)

Professional Membership & Activities

  • Member of the American Copy Editors Society
  • Vice-President of the Iowa College Media Association (Summer 2017 - present)

Questions & Answers

What makes Grand View unique among other universities?
Grand View's communication program is a true learning laboratory where courses often collide with the real world. Our students produce work for real audiences (not just their professors) and learn what it means to be a professional by actually doing professional work (not just learning about it). 
What is your favorite part about working at Grand View?
Grand View is a small school in a big city — by Midwest standards anyway. Small class sizes ensure I get to know my students well, and the large metro area ensures I can connect my students with people and companies that can jumpstart their careers. 

Student Testimonials

  • “Dad. Teacher. Writer. These are all words that can be used to describe Dayne Logan, communications professor and department chair. However, most of the department views him as human. During my years at Grand View, I have witnessed Professor Logan create meaningful relationships with nearly all his students. Inside and outside of the classroom, he truly cares about us as people. He advises us through not only classes, but through life. He even advises students who were not assigned to him, such as myself. Professor Logan is always honest with us, which allows us to grow and become better. Even with a busy schedule, Professor Logan figures out a way to make room in his schedule for all students. Whether its walking and talking with him in the hallway or having an hourlong conversation in his office, he prioritizes his students and their education. He is a prime example of going above and beyond the job description of a teacher. In fact, he has inspired me to want to teach at the college level. All of these reasons and then some, are why I am nominating him.” - Mikayla Morris
Dayne Logan