K-12 Endorsements

Endorsements are state specific, so please check with your state's endorsement standards.

Select an endorsement area below to learn more about our Iowa approved teaching endorsements. 

English as a Second Language (21-22 credits)

Students majoring in Elementary Education are required to select at least one endorsement area in addition to the Elementary Education major requirements. Students majoring in Secondary Education or K-12 Art, Music, or PE may elect this endorsement along with their initial endorsement area. 

University approval of English proficiency required prior to pursuing this endorsement. 

EDUC 350

Language Acquisition

3 credits
EDUC 371 ELL Methods 3 credits
EDUC 386 Linguistics for Educators 3 credits
EDUC 428 Serving Immigrant and Multi-Lingual Students 3 credits
EDUC 487
ELL Assessment 3 credits
EDUC 488 Education Practicum: ELL 2 credits

Additional Courses (select 1)

EDUC 377 Modern Language for Today's 21st Century Classroom 3 credits
1 foreign language course 3 - 4 credits

Athletic Coach Endorsement / Authorization (12 credits)

Students majoring in Elementary, Secondary, Art, Music, or Physical Education may add a Coaching Endorsement to the initial teaching area. This endorsement is automatically renewed with license renewal and allows a person to coach all sports at any grade level. 

Students of any major may request a coaching authorization from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. This authorization must be renewed every five years and allows a person to coach all sports at any grade level. Candidates must submit a transcript and application to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. Applications are available from the Grand View University Education Department.

KINH 330
KINH 321
KINH 322

Theory and Techniques of Coaching Interscholastic Athletics or
Basketball Skills and Coaching
Baseball Skills and Coaching

2 credits
KINH 371 Kinesiology 3 credits
KINH 381 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3 credits
PSYC 212 Human Development 4 credits
Completion of CPR and Concussion Training required for licensure.