K-12 Endorsements

Endorsements are state specific, so please check with your state's endorsement standards.

Select an endorsement area below to learn more about our Iowa approved teaching endorsements. 

English as a Second Language K-12

Students majoring in Elementary Education are required to select at least one endorsement area in addition to the Elementary Education major requirements. Students majoring in Secondary Education or K-12 Art, Music, or PE may elect this endorsement along with their initial endorsement area. 

University approval of English proficiency required prior to pursuing this endorsement. 

Iowa Teaching Endorsement #104 (21-22 credits)

EDUC 350 / EDGR 549

Language Acquisition

3 credits
EDUC 371 / EDGR 583 ELL Methods 3 credits
EDUC 386 / EDGR 586 Linguistics for Educators 3 credits
EDUC 428 / EDGR 528 Serving Immigrant and Multi-Lingual Students 3 credits
EDUC 487 / EDGR 587
ELL Assessment 3 credits
EDUC 488 / EDGR 588 Education Practicum: ELL 2 credits

Additional Courses (select 1)

EDUC 377 / EDGR 577 Modern Languages for the 21st Century Educator 3 credits
1 foreign language course 3 - 4 credits

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Athletic Coach Endorsement

Students majoring in Elementary, Secondary, Art, Music, or Physical Education may add a Coaching Endorsement to the initial teaching area. This endorsement is automatically renewed with license renewal and allows a person to coach all sports at any grade level. 

Students of any major may request a coaching authorization from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. This authorization must be renewed every five years and allows a person to coach all sports at any grade level. Candidates must submit a transcript and application to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. Applications are available from the Grand View University Education Department.

Iowa Teaching Endorsement #101 (12-13 credits)

Select one of the followings courses:  
KINH 213

Theories and Techniques of Teaching Team Sports

3 credits
KINH 214 Theories and Techniques of Teaching Individual Sports 3 credits
KINH 330 Theory and Techniques of Coaching Interscholastic Athletics 2 credits
Take all of the following:
KINH 281 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3 credits
KINH 371 Kinesiology 3 credits
PSYC 212 Human Development 4 credits
CPR and Concussion Training Certificates are required to be on file with the Education Department at Grand View in order to obtain licensure.

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