Biology for Career Professionals Certificate

This new certificate is intended for non-life science employees working for life science companies. It was designed through a partnership between Grand View and Corteva to provide Corteva employees a unique opportunity to gain valuable and applicable education in their professional field.

This professional development opportunity allows employees to gain a better understanding of areas outside their own area of expertise. Employees will attend classes at Grand View with other degree seeking students, but their course designation will include a CP (career professionals) on their transcript. Employees will take one to two courses per semester and can start the program in either the fall or spring semester. Complete the certificate in one year or pace yourself over several semesters depending on your preference. Course offering in this certificate will include 15 academic credits. The prerequisite for this degree is an associate's degree or bachelor's degree.

Course Descriptions
General Biology I (3 Credit Hours)
The fundamental concepts of life are studied with consideration given to the requirements of both science majors and non-majors. Topics that are emphasized include science history and philosophy, the cell, basic chemistry, organic chemistry, enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis and both Mendelian and molecular genetics. Offered: Fall, Spring. Lecture: 3 hours per week.
Plant Biology (3 Credit Hours)
This course introduces students to the complexity and importance of plant life. The role of plants in agriculture, human nutrition, and medicine will be discussed to emphasize the importance of studying plant sciences. Topics that are presented include the structure/function of plant organs, the evolution of plants, identification/classification of plant species, and plant diversity within different biomes. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Corequisite: General Biology I with a grade of C or above. Offered Fall. Lecture: 3 hours per week.
Biotechnology (3 Credit Hours)
This course covers the recombinant DNA technology and immunology techniques used in the biotech industry, applications of biotechnology including microbial biotechnology, plant and animal biotechnology, marine biotechnology, genomics and medical biotechnology, biotechnology in the food industry, forensics and biofuels, as well as social, ethical, and economical issues relevant to the biotech industry. Prerequisites: General Biology I CP with a grade of C or above. Offered Fall.
Plant Physiology (3 Credit Hours)
This course provides student with a detailed overview of plant physiological and biochemical processes. In addition, this course examines how variation in abiotic and biotic factors affect plant responses from the cell-to the whole plant -level. The importance of these responses will be emphasized in relation to plant production for human use and the roles of plants in the natural world. Prerequisites: General Biology I with a grade of C or above and Plant Biology. Offered Spring (even years). Lecture: 3 hours per week.
Genetics (3 Credit Hours)
This course covers Mendelian inheritance, chromosome and DNA structure and replication, gene cloning, gene expression, mutations, recombination, and recombinant DNA technology. Prerequisite: General Biology I CP with a grade of C or above. Offered Fall, Spring. Lecture: 3 hours per week.

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