Course Name


Full- time GVU faculty, staff, or students

All others

MC Skills (in-person) - April Session FREE (Amount - $0) $100
MC Skills (in-person) - September Session FREE (Amount - $0) $100
MC Skills (online) - July Session FREE (Amount - $0) $100 

AEA/Introduction to Compassionate Listening for Educators Course (online) - July Session

Note: For public educators only

$100 $100 
Certificate in MCLD (in-person) - May Session FREE (Amount - $0) $750
Certificate in MCLD (online) - May Session
FREE (Amount - $0) $750
Certificate in MCLD (online) - September Session FREE (Amount - $0) $750
Secondary/Facilitation Certification (in-person) - July Session FREE (Amount - $0) $250
Secondary/Consulting Certification (online) - August Session
FREE (Amount - $0) $250


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