Full-Time Day Tuition & Fees

Yes, what you have heard is true--college does require a substantial financial commitment. But over a lifetime, it's one of the best investments you can make. At Grand View University, your tuition pays for a student's instruction by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members who value our tradition of great teaching.

 Tuition Cost Breakdown (2022-23)

Full-time day (12-18 credits/semester) $31,418 
Full-time (over 18 credits) $782*
Summer courses $411*

Residential Student - Summary of Annual Comprehensive Fees (2022-23)

Tuition and fees
Room and board (double w/All Access 5)
Total $42,566

Commuter Student - Summary of Annual Comprehensive Fees (2022-23)

Tuition and fees
Commuter meal plan
Total $32,228

Required Fees (2022-23)

Activity fee $210 
Technology fee $440
Online course fee $30*
Resident activity fee $90

Miscellaneous Fees

Parking fee - Residential
Parking fee - Commuter
 Athlete Wellness Fee $150
Graduation fee $100
Applied music fee $310*
Course audit fee $150*
Experiential learning $30*
Test out $30
Study abroad $300

Commuter Meal Plan

Commuter 300 ($660 declining balance)
Commuter 80 ($160 declining balance)

Cost Explanations

  • Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic school year is for full-time students (12-18 credits). Any credits over 18 carry an additional fee.
  • Enrollment in the summer term is optional.
  • If a student is not going home for the summer, an additional $1,900 should be added for summer housing/living expenses.
  • Please note, costs are subject to change without notice.
  • All Access: Ultimate meal blocks for the student only for the entire semester for the set days determined by the meal plan.
  • Declining Balance: Money that can be used at Grand View Express, Einstein Bros. Bagels, or the Student Dining Center during the semester and does not carry over to the next semester.
  • Meal Block: Equals one swipe of your meal card for either breakfast, lunch or dinner for yourself or a friend.

*per credit hour 
**Required for all full-time commuters