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Students Participate in Hunger Banquet


Approximately 50 students participated in a Hunger Banquet that was sponsored by Student Leadership Team (SLT) in celebration of Global Visions Week.  Students were randomly divided into three income groups that represented the worlds distribution of wealth and food:

• 15% high income of higher than $6,300 per year; pasta, salad, bread, and juice
• 25% middle income of between $1,128 - $6,300 per year; 1 half cup of rice and a spoonful of beans
• 50% low income of less than  $1,128;  1 half cup of rice

The presentation, facilitated by Jess Hunold, focused on strengthening participants understanding of world hunger.  Guest speaker, Keh Keh, shared of her experiences in the refugee camps of Thailand and being raised by her Burmese parents. Faculty participant, Sheryl Leytham, shared, “This is an important event for students.  It is easy to forget about world hunger until you are in a group experiencing your stomach growl from too small amount of rice while watching  privileged others eating food in abundance.”