Multicultural Programs

“The future of American society will rest with people who can think and act with informed grace across ethnic, cultural and linguistic lines. In the world that is coming, if you can’t navigate difference, you’ve had it.” - Robert Hughes

Grand View University recognizes the differences and similarities among races, nations, cultures and their various histories and has developed university-wide efforts to affirm and encourage pride in our diversity.

You’ll find multicultural programs, international student services, student organizations, and lots of opportunities to enrich your educational experience. We offer programs that challenge students to think critically, engage in a diverse campus environment, and further academic and personal development. Let’s explore the diverse world in which we live.

Our Mission

  • We provide opportunities for meaningful interaction and respectful dialogue so that our investigation of the world of ideas and pursuit of knowledge and truth is enriched by understanding the multiple perspectives of our community members.
  • We challenge and support each other to understand how various backgrounds, experiences, and orientations affect our view of the world.
  • We become more sensitive and appreciate differences.
  • We encourage our community of learners to explore the diverse experiences available on our campus and beyond.
  • We treat all members of our community with mutual respect, acceptance, and kindness, leading to positive relationships among its members.

All for One Diversity Alliance

The Diversity Alliance organizes many events to promote campus cooperation and understanding, including:

  • Annual Multicultural Fair
  • Bi-weekly Meetings
  • Campus Awareness Projects
  • Cultural Sharing Programs
  • Campus Speakers
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
  • Diversity Conferences
  • Community Involvement in Diverse Communities

Grand View appreciates and values the diversity inherent in our campus community. Differences in race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and physical ability contribute to an enriching environment that celebrates our common values and augments the strength of our campus community. As members of an open and affirming institution, we are proud of the diversity and harmony of our students, faculty, and staff.

Multicultural Center

The Viking Council Leadership team worked very hard with the Office of Multicultural and Community Outreach to accomplish opening a Multicultural Center where international and minority students can feel welcome.

Located on the first floor in Nielsen, this space is used for engaging opportunities to discuss and celebrate our campus diversity! Plus, there is a growing library of resources available for all students.