2020 Faculty Awards

May 20, 2020

The Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award is awarded to a faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to enhancing student learning through inter-disciplinary connections, who utilizes creative and effective teaching strategies, and who demonstrates a genuine care and concern for Grand View students.

This year’s honorees are Tom Annis and Laura Salazar.

Tom Annis

Mr. Thomas Annis joined the Grand View faculty in fall 2017 and has embraced the transition from a 40-year career at John Deere in finance, accounting, operations, business development, and strategic planning to a career in academia. He has had many extraordinary life and professional experiences that many of us will only dream of having.

Tom has a true passion for growth and development of others and himself and will always be a lifelong learner and teacher. Although his career in academia started as an adjunct at William Penn in 2011 and fulltime at Grand View in 2017, Tom has been teaching others his entire career. Tom’s innovative pedagogies encourage deep student learning, commitment to self-reflection and continuous improvement, promotion of student success, enhancement of student learning, and how Tom works productively and collegially with the Grand View community.

Tom has spent countless hours on his preparation, execution, and evaluation of his teaching. He has committed fully, with enthusiasm, to developing as a faculty member and teacher. Tom’s approach to teaching is methodical and focused on the needs and experience of the student. He is reflective and always strives to improve. Tom maintains a dialogue with his students that allows him to adjust as needed. Students find Tom approachable and helpful, and they admire his passion and energy.

Laura Salazar

A visit to Laura’s classroom shows students actively engaged in discussing content and solving problems.  They are connecting lecture to lab, and also connecting to other courses.  Students are so involved with the material, they are often surprised when she announces it is time for class to end.  The focus is not on memorizing, but in students learning to apply the course content to real-word examples.  She has also developed a peer-led recitation program so students can hear a non-expert explain the content.

Laura talks to other faculty, working to select topics that have connections to other courses and disciplines.  She sees the course as being one for all science majors, and looks for discussion topics that appeal to students in a wide range of areas (pre-med, graduate school in chemistry, job in the local economy, etc.).  Recognizing that the peer-led recitation should be a two-way flow of value, she has initiated a leader-development component, asking peer mentors to reflect on their own experiences as a mentor and to improve in that capacity.    

Overall, Laura is an excellent and innovative teacher.  She is committed to student success, and uses a wide range of strategies along with continuous self-assessment, to help students succeed.  She is enjoyable to work with, and gets along well with other across campus. 

The Outstanding Academic Advising Award is presented to a staff or faculty member who exhibits, through academic advising, a strong commitment to student success.

This year’s honoree is Lindsay Grow.

A student wrote, “When I think about this award, only one person comes to my mind. This individual has changed my life from my freshman year to now, the end of my sophomore year. This person definitely deserves this award for several reasons, but the biggest reason is due to having the most caring heart and also for the love she has for her students. This award should be given to Dr. Lindsay Grow.

Dr. Grow has the ability to advise in whatever setting you encounter her. No matter how busy Lindsay might be, she always finds a way to help one in whatever they may need. Even if it’s five minutes of your time and hers, she will do so much in those five minutes that’d you probably take an hour trying to figure out on your own. If she sees you around campus and you tell her you have a question right away she’ll stop and help you out. If you’re close to her office she’ll just say ‘come to my office so we can talk about it.’

Lindsay does a good job of taking one in the path of succeeding goals. She does a good job of encouraging you when you’re struggling in a class. Along with that she encourages you to open up and explore new classes. I was just going to do elementary education. This changed when Lindsay said that it would benefit me more in the long-run to get my Spanish and ELL endorsement. Not only that, but she also sent me to observe a dual language program. Lindsay probably knew I was going to fall in love with this program and she was right. This great opportunity in which she organized is what actually inspired me to become a teacher. I found my new passion with her guidance, and I am forever grateful for having her as a mentor.”

The Excellence in Scholarship Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated significant achievement in the area of scholarship.

This year’s honoree is Dr. Bonnie Hall.

Dr. Hall is one of the strongest proponents of undergraduate scholarship at Grand View. She endeavors to expose students to scientific research at multiple levels throughout their undergraduate careers, including in the classroom and in the lab.

Dr. Hall runs a robust research program in the Biochemistry department. She routinely serves 4-6 students per semester while they research protein structure and protein function. The exposure to this type of research experience as an undergraduate is invaluable. It allows students to evaluate their interest in fundamental research while also giving them publications and presentation to include in their CVs.

Dr. Hall incorporates scholarship in her teaching. Her advanced biochemistry and biochemical techniques courses are never taught in exactly the same way. This is because she uses current, peer-reviewed journal articles to relay the concepts of biochemistry to her students. This type of learning shows students the real-life application of the material, which helps to keep them invested in the topics and requires them to understand concepts at a deeper level.

Dr. Hall is committed to improving student scholarship in a variety of ways; in the classroom, in the lab, and at scientific conferences. She provides a shining example of how students can be exposed to scientific research at the undergraduate level. All students are engaged and well-rounded by her methods of teaching.

The Distinguished Faculty Service Award is conferred upon a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary service to the University and made a positive impact to the campus community.

This year’s honoree is Dr. Idit Hazan.

Idit’s service during her 15 years at Grand View is exemplary, sustained, and broad. Her diverse service has positively impacted a wide breadth of individuals on our campus; students, faculty, administrators, and staff.  Additionally, her efforts have impacted individuals outside our campus boundaries, including within our greater community.

Since 2010, Idit has served the university in many, many ways including: currently serving on the Faculty Senate, Chairing Biology from 2011 to 2018, recently serving on the SRA Academic Committee, regularly volunteering as a mentor to new faculty, being a member of three Dean search committees, served on the HLC committee from 2012 to 2014 (including help author sections), chaired four Biology search committees, and many others.

While her service to the university is impressive, Idit still manages to serve her profession as a professional Biologist, and also squeezing in time to serve our local communities. Importantly, keep in mind, all the while Idit is a proud mother of three school age children. Idit serves her profession in a variety of ways including annually reviewing grants for the Iowa Academy of Science, annually serving as a judge in the Iowa State Science and Technology Fair, annually presents interactive science activities to elementary and middle school age children at the DMACC-sponsored STEM fair, most recently has served as a judge of student posters at the National Association of Biology Teachers annual conference, and regularly serves as a reviewer for Genetics textbooks. 

Idit’s record of service speaks for itself, and very much exemplifies sustained, distinguished, and meaningful service as a member of our faculty community.

Congratulations to all of our honorees!