Dr. Woods Co-Chairs National Psychology Conference

January 24, 2024

Dr. Josh Woods co-chaired the national Coast-to-Coast psychology teaching conference held on January 19. This acclaimed conference featured presentations from psychology influencers such as Jean Twenge and June Gruber. Coast-to-Coast aims to increase affordability and accessibility by bringing the best teachers in psychology from all around the country (and beyond) into a single virtual environment. This half-day conference is packed with teachers from every corner of the United States sharing their best practices and most exciting tools for the classroom. 

Speakers and presenters included:

  • Dr. Garth Neufeld (Cascadia College)
  • Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard (Duke University)
  • Dr. Josh Woods (Grand View University) 
  • Dr. Janet Peters (Washington State University)
  • Dr. Jean Twenge (San Diego State University)
  • Dr. June Gruber (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Dr. Jhotisha Mugon (University of Victoria, Canada)
  • Dr. Meghan Gangel (Western Carolina University)
  • Dr. Diana Sanchez (San Francisco State University)
  • Josh Lovett (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Kay Bourke (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Paula Hylton (Cannon School North Carolina)
  • Jarred Jenkins (Anne Arundel Community College)