Dr. Woods' Lab Makes GV History in Chicago

May 2, 2024

Eleven undergraduates and four graduate students traveled to the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago, IL to present original research from the PSYC Research Lab directed by Dr. Josh Woods, Associate Professor of Psychology.

The students included Elise Morrow, Katy Crowley, Paxton Monkelien, Sven Waldmeier, Megan Doran, Kyle Weber, Dominic Morris, Sydney Beasley, Shailey Letts, Revay Stewart, Zeke Tulloch, JJ Kapur, Destinee Hegwood, Adelynne Peterson, and Alana Van Ballegooyen. This is the largest cohort of any faculty-led research lab on GV's campus to present at a professional research conference. Their presentations were in the same session as other professional researchers, not the undergraduate session.

Alongside some of the best psychology research programs in the country, they presented four posters:

  1. Auditory Presentations and Simplified Context Increases Illusory Recollection
  2. The Fallout of Empathy: Gender Differences in False Recall
  3. Racial Sensitivity Predicts Racial Awareness
  4. Political Beliefs Influence Ability to Distinguish Fact from Opinion

Megan Doran was the first GV Master's student in GV's history to give a professional research talk on a published paper. She presented with Dr. Woods on the topic: The Illusory Truth Effect on Opinions: 30 Years Overturned. Their talk was bookended by presentations from researchers at Ohio State University and the University of Pennsylvania, which are both R1 research institutions. Their talk was very well-received and was attended by nearly 100 fellow researchers. 

Congratulations to all!